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M600 pro with yellowscan VX15 borneo

They speak about us: Yellowscan

Yellowscan, the famous and innovative company which develops the integration of high-end lidar for UAV and market leader, gave us the honor to interview us on a recent project that we carried out in the south west of Borneo (Kalimantan). Yellowscan therefore published this article on their website, highlighting the technical capacities of their solution but also our skills in the conduct of this project, carried out with the aim of providing an exact mapping of 1100 ha for the

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Lidar and Forest Management – Trees counting

Why we love the lidar systems? Because it makes your job easier !! Look at this map, the algorithm of the software is able to count for you how many trees are present on the map, sort them, and give precise information like height, size, the density of trees on a surface etc… our team will be very happy to work with you on your project so do not hesitate to contact and exchange with us your needs. Our lidar

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The power of the LiDAR ! See the invisible!

The power of the LiDAR ! See the invisible!  (or uncover the ground from the vegetation;) One of the most important functionalities of the Lidar is the possibility to pierce the vegetation and measure the ground details. A must-have to get the real shape of the field for your architectural or real estate project. Faster and safer than the conventional survey, the drone lidar mapping services are the solution to your needs. In this video, on the right, we can

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Pol Palacios, CEO

They speak about us: Pol Palacios

Pol Palacios, a high-level drilling engineer in oil and gas, gave us the privilege to be our Senior board advisor. It is a great pleasure to welcome him among us.  From LinkedIn :  Hi Folks, Yes, no shame. Some time it is good to promote things where we have a vested interest (I’m a non-executive board guy there) and to help young and determined people like Arnaud Denisot. #LocalContent, Oil and Gas. #inspection. Geothermal. Mining. Agriculture. Forestry. Fishing. Natural resources.

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32 km of PowerLine inspection with Lidar in Serang and Sukabumi – Java

Indonesia has an extremely favorable climate for vegetation development: abundant sun, high humidity and regular rains, so the landscape can change at high speed. This is why the National electricity distributor, PLN, must regularly inspect the high voltage lines, in order to do proactive maintenance to avoid any contact between vegetation and the catenaries.

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