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We are working with for building the future and assist you in your project,
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We Have GorgeousProjects

Yellowscan lidar vx15 indonesia

25 km of lidar mapping corridor in Labuan Bajo – Flores

Another project successfully completed in record time. We were fortunate to be commissioned for a 25Km corridor mapping by Lidar and photogrammetry.

Lidar topography for Hotel renovation program in Ubud – Bali

With the aim of rebuilding a hotel from zeros, we intervened in Ubud to establish a 3D plan of a land with existing facilities and buildings...
Gili Asahan - Lombok

3D mapping for hotel development project in Gili Asahan – Lombok

Another example where the border between work and pleasure does not exist. The MSDI team recently conducted a 3D photogrammetric mapping mission to Gili Asahan Island, located southwest of Lombok
Point cloud lidar kalimantan palm tree VX15 yellowscan

1100Ha LiDAR Project – Mine and forest management – Kalimantan

Another project successfully completed! We have just finalized a lidar mapping of 1100Ha in the Babulu region, a few kilometers from Balikpapan, located in the South-East of Kalimantan (Borneo).

Van Oord Monthly Survey report and 3D Mapping – BALI

It was a great pleasure and honor to work for more than a year and a half alongside Van Oord for

Archaeological mapping and temple – BALI

Archeology researchers love lidar data because it allows details that are almost impossible to see with the naked eye, let alone stay on the ground.