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We are working with for building the future and assist you in your project,
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Where we been in2021

From Aceh to Fakfak, or from Manado to NTT, 2021 will have made us visit the 4 corners of Indonesia. Despite the covid being omnipresent and the travel procedures being more complicated, we still had the chance to have magnificent projects throughout the year, in heavenly places, but also the most extreme of indonesia like the mountains of Toraja, or the rivers of kalimantan, abundant in crocodile. We also have the immense privilege of working on the Mandalika circuit project and also of making a complete 3D model of the famous Borobudur temple. And you ? will you be our client in 2022?

We Have GorgeousProjects

Mapping Mandalika International Circuit in Lombok – MotoGP22

Video games are becoming more and more sophisticated and development studios are pushing realism even further thanks to new technologies and ever more powerful game consoles over the years. This is why the challenge of our project, for the development studio Milestone, was to...

5000 Ha Lidar Acquisition for mining development in Melak – Kalimantan

Kalimantan, also known as Borneo, is rich in underground resources and a favorite playground for mining companies. Kalimantan is the largest island in Indonesia and is the 5th largest island in the world. Our new project in the Melak region gave us a hard...

32 km of PowerLine inspection with Lidar in Serang and Sukabumi – Java

Indonesia has an extremely favorable climate for vegetation development: abundant sun, high humidity and regular rains, so the landscape can change at high speed. This is why the National electricity distributor, PLN, must regularly inspect the high voltage lines, in order to do proactive maintenance to avoid any contact between vegetation and the catenaries.

110ha Lidar and photogrammetry mapping in Cilegon – Banten

Our job here was to acquire 110ha with lidar and photogrammetry for a new construction site. The weather condition during the mission was very windy, so to keep everyone safe

Front beach Photogrammetry in Tabanan – Bali

Fortunately, not all Bali investors have given up in the face of the Covid, and some of them are taking advantage of this somewhat quieter period to advance their projects.
yellowscan vx-15 lidar surabaya java indonesia

20Ha Lidar mapping in Surabaya – Java Timur

It was fast but it was nice. We did a mapping of approximately 20Ha in the area of Surabaya this october. The project included the data acquisition by lidar and photogrammetry.