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Equipment Rental

Mapping & Survey instruments

Adapt your expenses to your projects And control your costs.

The rental of equipment is a very good alternative to limit investment costs and smooth out expenses and thus control them. MSDI offers the rental of high-end GNSS RTK GPS equipment for your precision projects. We also offer cheaper equipment for smaller projects that do not require advanced equipment.

Save Money

Start renting your GNSS equipment with MSDI and save on investment, maintenance and hardware renewal. For companies with no year-round project, renting is the best solution, and the cheapest way to work with quality equipment.

Stay updated

Thanks to the rental, you always have up-to-date and state-of-the-art equipment. Equipment for topographic surveys are relatively expensive and must be amortized over a long period, but with rental, no more worries, rent when you need it.

Save your project

You were on a construction site and your equipment has just broken down? Don't worry, you can rent what you need for a short or long period. contact us.

Trimble R8S LT


Single Base/Rover

Rp2,3Mper day (24H)
1x R8S LT GNSS receiver
2x Batteries + charger
1x UHF Antenna
Survey tripod + Tribrach & Adapter
Ntrip Compatible
Controller with TSM

Full Set

Rp5,5Mper day (24H)
2x R8S LT GNSS receiver
4x Batteries + 2x charger
2x UHF Antenna
2x Survey tripod/monopod + Tribrach
Ntrip Compatible
Controller with TSM

Dual Base + Rover

Rp4,5Mper day (24H)
2x R8S LT GNSS receiver
4x Batteries + 2x charger
2x UHF Antenna
2x Survey tripod/monopod + Tribrach
Ntrip Compatible
Controller with TSM
RTK GNSS Antenna EMLID RS2 indonesia

Emlid Reach RS2 / Reach RS+


Reach RS2

Rp1,7Mper day (24H)
x1 RS2 receiver + tripod
Dual Frequencies L1/L2/L5
NTRIP compatible
Wifi - Bluetooth - GSM
Mobile App

Full Set

Rp2,8Mper day (24H)
x1 RS+ receiver + tripod
x1 RS2 receiver + tripod
RTK GNSS CM accuracy
NTRIP compatible
Wifi - Bluetooth - GSM
Mobile App

Reach RS+

Rp1,2Mper day (24H)
x1 RS+ receiver + tripod
Single-Band RTK
NTRIP compatible
Wifi & Bluetooth
Mobile App

Mapping drone and UAV for rent

MSDI is providing a rental service of professional drones for 3D mapping purposes or any other kind UAV activities. You can rent a drone alone if you already have the skills or the team to operate it, or you can hire one of our pilots to enjoy the full capabilities of the equipment, as our operators are professional drone pilots certified.

Matrice 600 PRO

Rent a DJI matrice 600 pro for your maaping job who need heavy lift and safety

  • 6KG payload
  • Magnetic interference isolation
  • Up to 35min flight
  • Dual operator option
  • Triple GPS redundancy
  • Industrial applications
  • 6 propellers for more safety
  • 5km range

Prices start from 9M IDR

Inspire 2 X5S

Rent a DJI Inspire 2 for your mapping job and Inspection mission

  • Interchangeable cameras
  • Different lens 15mm, 25mm, 45mm
  • Up to 30min flight
  • Dual operator option
  • 360° rotation camera
  • Up to 85km/h
  • Batterie redundancy
  • 5km range
  • Obstacle avoidance sensor

Prices start from 4M IDR

Phantom 4 pro rental msdi

Phantom 4 PRO+

Rent a DJI Phantom 4 pro for your entry-level mapping job who need quick responses and fair price.

  • 6 KM range
  • Mechanical shutter
  • Up to 25min flight
  • 20 Megapixel sensor
  • 5-Direction Obstacle Sensing
  • Large applications job
  • Easy to fly
  • Speed up to 55km/h
  • Large choice thirds apps

Prices start from 850k IDR

LiDAR sensor for rent

The lidar sensors are the new trending technology to process land survey and civil engineering missions. MSDI is providing a rental service of High-end lidar sensors with survey-grade certification. Our UAV operation engineers will be happy to support you in your project and accompany you with our equipment on the field. Check our Lidar sensors that we have available below, and contact us if you have any question or request.

Yellowscan VX-15 riegl MSDI

Yellowscan VX-15

Rent a lidar Yellowscan VX-15 sensor for your mapping job and topographic survey missions 

  • Laser riegl MiniVUX-1UAV
  • IMU Applanix APX-15
  • light weight and reliable
  • long-range laser scanner – up to 250m
  • 100’000 points/s
  • High accuracy : 1cm
  • Precision : up to 1,3cm
  • Survey Grade certified
  • 5 echos capable

Contact our team for pricing


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