They speak about us: Yellowscan NGO Success story

Yellowscan, the famous and innovative company which develops the integration of high-end lidar for UAV and market leader, gave us the honor to interview us on a recent project that we carried out in North Sulawesi 


The Masarang Foundation, a renowned ecological organization in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, has reforested 35 million trees and recently acquired 500 hectares of degraded land to restore and conserve. Faced with challenges such as extensive area, challenging terrain, and the need for rapid project initiation, the foundation sought the help of MSDI, a LiDAR services provider. MSDI conducted LiDAR scans for topographic and hydrologic analysis, creating a 3D plan that optimized tree distribution and growth while maximizing resources. The LiDAR technology enabled the foundation to create a baseline for carbon sequestration and a virtual 3D world to connect donors to the reforestation project. MSDI’s expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and rapid acquisition capabilities were crucial to the project’s success.

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