They speak about us: Pol Palacios

Pol Palacios, a high-level drilling engineer in oil and gas, gave us the privilege to be our Senior board advisor. It is a great pleasure to welcome him among us. 

Pol Palacios, CEO

From LinkedIn : 

Hi Folks, Yes, no shame. Some time it is good to promote things where we have a vested interest (I’m a non-executive board guy there) and to help young and determined people like Arnaud Denisot. LocalContent, Oil and Gas. inspection. Geothermal. Mining. Agriculture. Forestry. Fishing. Natural resources. You name it. Now MSDI is the next stage and you want to use them. Bringing industrial level heavy duty drone services in Indonesia and beyond with lidar and full spectrum of mapping and 3dmapping. Arnaud Denisot has done a phenomenal job over the past years to bring compliant and technological droneservices to Indonesia where he has been one of the pioneers of the industry with Bali Drone Production. Hashtagging some of my regional network for awareness and wishing Happy New Year to all of them:YellowScan PERTAMINA EP Meri Magdalena Ade Nurhidayat Pungki Ariyanto Russell Morrice Achmad Fahmi Alaydrus Jean-Philippe BERAUD Rifkiandi Darajatun Irawan H Haditomo, STsi, MM Boy Idroos Troy Kiper Conor Egan PT Total Oil Indonesia Thierry BATOT Daniel Bethel Ferdy Serah Andréa ⚡️ Bensaid DJI